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Received 31st December 2020 from Kevin & Casey:

Hi Neil to wish you a happy new year for 2021 stay safe and we will see you soon love Kevin and Casey xx

Received 24th December 2020 from Kevin:

Hello Neil to wish you a Happy Christmas well what a year hope next year will be better love to you Kevin and Casey xxx

Received 18th December 2019 from Kevin & Casey:

Hello Neil just to wish you a merry Christmas and happy new year,and we will be in touch in the new year

Received 10th September 2019 from Jimmy:

Really good to see Neil at Duchys in Scratby and again at the Louis Marchesi in Norwich. You made my family and I very welcome and always a great pleasure to be at your gigs. See you soon. James x

Received 15th July 2019 from Kevin & Casey:

Hi will be down for 8 days holiday see you on Friday at the Marina Kevin & Casey

Received 6th May 2019 from Tina Cleveland:

Thank you for a brilliant evening at The Grayling. Hope to see you at The Albion in Gorleston.

Received 22nd April 2019 from Paul and Elaine:

White Horse, Cromer, 20/4/19. Great seeing you again, we promise we won’t leave it 14 years again! Thanks for listening.... x

Received 24th December 2018 from Kevin & Casey :

Hi Neil just to wish you a happy Christmas and all in Yarmouth. Kevin and Casey

Received 2nd November 2018 from Kevin Crofts:

Hi Neil just to wish you a very happy birthday and good luck for tomorrow night birthday party we wish we could be there but I have to work
from Kevin and Casey

Received 9th September 2018 from Rose & Vince :

We were at The Royal Hotel (08.09.18) at the bar in usual place :).We thoroughly enjoyed your music/voice was amazing, but not only that you as a person. Wish you all the best on your journey :)

Received 30th July 2018 from Rachel Albone:

it was really great to see u the other night cant wait for your radio show rose west xxxxxx

Received 20th July 2018 from Kevin Crofts:

Hi Neil just to let you know that we are now coming to Yarmouth on Friday 27th July will be good to see you on Friday night at the marine. Kevin & Casey

Received 13th March 2018 from Garry S Hobbs:

Seen Neil a couple of times (The Poacher's, and Cromer) - brilliant. Now moved to Bacton (from Essex), so hoping to see more gigs soon!

Received 23rd December 2017 from Kevin & Casey:

Hi Neil just to wish you a happy Christmas and New year Best wishes see you in 2018 x

Received 23rd August 2017 from Stuart:

Hi your site

Received 6th August 2017 from Kevin:

Hi Neil nice to see you last Saturday night will be in touch

Received 17th June from Brenda:

I saw you last night at Seadell Hemsby you look an sound so good. I worked in the Seabreeze years ago then I was the stalker at Pypers pharmacy King Street an now Morrisons Gorleston It was so good to see an hear you xx

Received 1st May 2017 from Marian:

Saw you for the second time at the Cross Keys in Wymondham last night. Thanks for another amazing performance.We love you! xx

Received 25th March 2017 from Susan:

Hi Neil, have just seen the Glorious Broadway show at the Pavilion and we were totally blown away by your voice - "Empty Chairs" was hauntingly beautiful. The whole evening was superb. Thanks Susan

Received 16th February 2017 from Leanna:

I saw your Erasure song on FB and watched it 20 times. What a voice you have - such range. I'd love to hear you do a cover of the entire song! I literally felt so peaceful after seeing everyone sing with you. In a time of such chaos, a small gesture can really change so much. Great job!

Received 10th April 2015 from Suzannah Jaye:

Great song i wish you all the luck in London. suzannah

Received 22nd March 2015 from David/Sandy:

keep up the good work you deserve it, amazing night at the pavillion

Received 22nd March 2015 from David & Sandy:

hi neil saw you at the pavillion last night yet another good night, hope to see you again soon sandy/david love you loads xxxxxxx

Received 23rd Feb 2015 from Jordan:


Received 31st December 2014 from Marialicia:

Hi, from Argentina I love your video singing on tube. Just in london
happy new year!

Received 28th December 2014 from Sue Gallagher:

I Think you have the most amazing voice. Enjoyed the tube video. Would be great if you could do some gigs in the Birmingham area.
Merry Xmas x

Received 22nd December 2014 from James:

pleeeeeeaase record the cover acapella ur voice is amazing

Received 21st December 2014 from Gaz mc:

Hi I just saw your video on you tube at the London Underground and I just wanted to let you know you've made us all smile today! Priceless

Received 21st December 2014 from Jay & David:

We love your voice Neil !! Come out & gig in Hong Kong please !

Merry Xmas !!

Received 20th December 2014 from Tom:

Great vid from the London Underground! Respect

Received 20th December 2014 from Sharon:

Hi Neil, loved your rendition on the underground. You have a great voice. The you tube clip made me smile and I sing along every time I play it. All the best. Keep on singing xxx

Received 19th December 2014 from Glen Andresun:

You must get a Facebook link, please. LOVE the tube video. Kisses

Received 19th December 2014 from Dawn:

About time...used to go to the Albion to watch you with my partner. Your voice has always been amazing but what captured me was how natural a performer you are, everyone in the room was always happy relaxed and entertained by you... best nights out i ever had thank you and i believe your time has come...stay as you are xx

Received 19th December 2014 from Maria:

I saw ur video that u singing the Erasure Respect on ITV London News today.

Received 19th December 2014 from Sean Cockwell:

Well done you on your Erasure clip, hope it brings you more deserved work your way handsome fella! Apologies for contacting you this way but couldn't find you on Twitter :( Happy Xmas

Received 19th December 2014 from Mark:

Wow i can't stop watching this video fantastic voice a real pleasure bringing strangers together for a sing along outstanding well done just what the world needs keep up the good work

Received 19th December 2014 from Karl:

Hey Mr Beautiful. Watched you singing on the platform, you gave me happiness. Very kind of you. Any merchandise I can buy? I know its cheap to offer money, when you gave love, yet I'd like too.
Man hug and a x

Received 19th December 2014 from Jacqui:

Neil, think you were absolutely brilliant in the Underground.Hope you make it big you deserve to!! Happy Christmas

Received 19th December 2014 from Rachel:

Hi Neil,
I was at the Erasure gig in Kentish Town. It was a fantastic night and your Tube clip just makes me smile so much. How UnLondon. Gorgeous! Merry Christmas! Rachel

Received 18th December 2014 from Rich:

Saw your vid on YouTube. Then found your site. Great voice. Any chance you may come up north to Leeds to play? Here's hoping...

Received 18th December 2014 from Jef Sutherland:

I saw the vid of you singing on the tube. You have an absolutely stunning voice. I hope to see you perform live next year. If not in London (where I live) then we'll travel to see you. Amazing that you have such an effect on so many people. Thanks for being so wonderful. Regards, Jef.

Received 18th December 2014 from Vijay:

Neil.... Loved what you did on the Underground Mate... Merry Christmas

Received 18th December 2014 from Kurphy Danish:

Loved your London Underground song! What an amazing moment that was!
Lot of respect for you, thanks for sharing!

Received 18th December 2014 from Melissa:

LOVE, LOVE your impromtu singalong! One of my favourite songs and I think you sang it even better (don't tell Erasure)..Really bought happiness to my day.. All the best to you. xx

Received 18th December 2014 from frazzell:

brings a tear to my eye everytime I see the tube song I would have loved to have been there, brill singer

Received 17th December 2014 from James Wood:

Never give up x

Received 17th December 2014 from Reg Blackwood:

Great work on the tube platform singalong.
Like one woman in the video said: Don't stop!

Received 16th December 2014 from David & Sandy:

see you on the news well done perhaps this is your big break love you sandy/david

Received 20th November 2014 from Rose West:

i cant wait to see you again to hear you sing from rose west

Received 17th September 2014 from Michelle:

Lovely to have chatted to you last night.. Thanks for your advice. Michelle

Received 10th August 2014 from Carl Annison:

Neil you are simply a fantastic singer and great yarmouth needs more people like you. well done

Received 10th August 2014 from Jude & Carl (Minty):

Hi Neil, haven't got to see you in a while, but still following your career! New photos of you are fab! See you soon!x

Received 22nd June 2014 from Colin:

At last, being able to hire Neil for an evenings entertainment, I must say how amazing, professional, charming and charasmatic he is. nothing was too much trouble, from helping out other acts, photos, apart from that amazing voice, the man is pure gold. if anybody wants a true artist, book neil francis, i know when dates fit, i will re-book him, everybody went home happy, theres nothing more can be asked of an entertainer. thanks again, will be in touch soon, and visiting yarmouth also, cheers

Received 12th May 2014 from David & Sandy:

great night at st.georges turn back time
neil you are still the best
love from sandy see you soon xxx

Received 24th October 2013 from Jackie n JoJo:

Hi Neil! just found your website! Brilliant. You have an amazing voice. Remember we met you in the Duke of Wellington and you gave joanna alot of encouragement to follow her dream in singing. Hope to see you again very soon. Best wishes x

Received 18th August 2013 from Carl:

What can i say about Neil Francis, great singer and a great bloke who makes everyone welcome, we need more like him in great yarmouth !!

Received 5th May 2012 from Fran and Lee:

hi neil was gd to c u last night at pier tavern ty for singing impossible love for us hugs fran n lee xx

Received 12th March 2012 from Nicola & Andrew (Welsh Andrew):

Hi Neil, sorry we didn't make it to see you on saturday night but we had a massive hangova from friday nte!!!! wen u nxt at Poachers Pocket? we will stay wkend again xx

Received 11th February 2012 from Zoe Andrews:

heyy hope you ok :) new years eve party was great lol know it was like ages ago but it was still good and hope to see you again soon you are the greatest singer ever :P lol Whooow x

Received 5th February 2012 from Nicola & Andrew:

Hi Neil, its Nicola and Welsh b'day boy Andrew from the Poachers Pocket on Sat Feb 4th... Gr8 nte and just checking you made it home ok?? xx

Received 27th October 2011 from Jo and Mal:

Hi Neil, you sing Love On The Rocks brilliantly, I love it, it should be on one of your CDs. Aren't you bringing out a CD this month? I'm anxiously awaiting it and my Mum is too! See you at Allen's Bar next week.
Byeeeeee, Jo (the Moyet fan) and Mal.

Received 29th August 2011 from David Orrell:

Hi just wanted to thank you for two great nights at the pier tavern, really nice to get to talk to you again & thanks for singing some tracks off the new album love it, my fav is Wonderful life & my wife's is Febuary Song. Pity you don't do any gigs around Mansfield, Notts as we only get to see you when we come to Yarmouth, looking forward to next year already

Received 24th June 2011 from Rachel:

cant wait to see neil again he has a realy great voice love rachel rose west xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxooooooooooooooo

Received 30th May 2011 from Gwilym and Charlotte:

great night at allans bar on sunday night, well worth the journey from surrey, please let us know when new cd details are available, thanks for the music, take care, taffy and charlotte

Received 19th April 2011 from Rachel:

hi neal i am moving back to lowestoft soon i can see you more often cant wait rachel rose west xxxxxxxxxxxoooooooxxxxxxxxxx

Received 19th February 2011 from Christine:

hi neil please come down ebeneezers agen u r muchly missed by everyone there x

Received 12th February 2011 from Elaine:

look forward to seeing you on the 25th

Received 6th February 2011 from Sid & Deb:

Thanks for a real good night's entertainment at Sid's 50th Birthday party. Look forward to seeing you again soon.