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Received 15th December 2010 from rachel rose west:

cant wait 4 some new pictures of you on computer were can i buy cd of you old ones rose west rachel xxxxxxxxxxooooooooo

Received 23rd November 2010 from Rachel ROSE WEST:

I SAW YOU THIS year in yarmouth it was great cant wait to see you again
can you come and play in bury st edmunds so i can see you more often rachel rose west lol

Received 18th October 2010 from Nicci Thompson:

Hi Neil, This is Nicci, little Luke's mom, from The Centurian on Saturday night - just wanted to say you were absolutely fabulous! We really enjoyed your show - you have a fantastic voice that everyone should here! Hope to see you again. Lots of love xxx

Received 9th October 2010 from Mikey Barnard:

have really enjoyed seeing you play at bridges oulton broad, the best singer lowestoft has, will allways be a big fan, love all the music you sing.thanks for the good nights out, and all the best mikey from lowestoft :-)

Received 22nd September 2010 from Ian Draycott:

Really enjoyed your singing throughout the summer at the Pier Tavern & also Lisa Maires singing too. I am from Nottingham & hope to see the both of you again next summer ..I would be most grateful if you could let me know the venues for next summer so that I continue to support you both next summer
All the very best
Ian Draycott

Received 21st September 2010 from Carol Cain:

Hi Neil, Don't know why I went to your web site but it was good to catch up with you again. Hope you are well. I see from your web page that you still have plenty of fans out there. Well done. Maybe one day soon I will get to see you again. Meanwhile hope you and your family and friends are keeping well. Carol (Kent) formery me and Stephen now back with hubby - not sure it was a good thing though! xx

Received 5th September 2010 from Mandy Conner:

My husband, Paul and myself went into the pier tavern, great Yarmouth Thursday 2nd September whilst on holiday there. We didn't know anyone was going to be performing there. We had never heard of Neil either. We were simply going in for a drink and to unwind after a busy day. What a fantastic night we were about to have!!! The moment we walked in, (and Neil finished the song he was singing), he welcomed us... asked us where we were from, and basically made us feel at home. His hilarious sense of humour and his way of interacting with the crowd is almost as amazing as his stunning singing voice!!! We loved everything about Neil!!! He is a born entertainer!! A fantastic vocalist, and a comedian to boot! Lol. We got chatting to him in an interval and discovered what a genuinely nice guy he is too. We wish you every success in your continuing career, Neil!!!
Paul and Mandy Conner

Received 28th August 2010 from Carl Annison:

what can i say mate gt yarmouth would not be the same without neil, simply the best mate

Received 9th August 2010 from Lynn:

Hi Neil, Just saw u at Seabreeze club Hemsby on 4/8/10 absolutley brilliant, but who was the 'numb nuts' as u called him dancing at the back of u? ....hope to see u again soon

Received 8th August 2010 from Richard Brown:

Hi Neil its Richard from LEA HOSPITAL great sounds would love 2 catch up x x x

Received 10th June 2010 from Lesley:

Hi Neil, look forward to seeing you at Hemsby Holiday Village. Still no sign of a new CD yet? love Lesley xx

Received 23rd May 2010 from Amy:

hello thanks for the brill nite on friday we really enjoyed are selves. hope to see you sing soon :)

Received 16th April 2010 from Kelly Nickerson:

hiya huni as promised.
love u loads gorgeous n i will see u

Received 19th March 2010 from Marion:

Hi Neil
Fantastic performance of Broadway Hits on Fri 19th!
Advertisement here helped my bro and I get there. L & H

Received 21st November 2009 from Lynda Hampton:

Thanks for a fabulous night. As usual your performance was superb. I wish you all the luck in the world on your audition for britains got talent. by the way- everyone here at the pub loves you loadssssss

Received 27th October 2009 from Rachel:

i think u r realy great cant wait to see you again from rose west rachel albone

Received 7th September 2009 from Steve:

Latest cd brilliant

Received 7th September 2009 from Kim & Steve:

Bloody Marvelous

Received 5th September 2009 from Tracy James:

hiya neil the cd we got was brill, hope to see you again soon at eastern beach, xxx

Received 4th September 2009 from Rachel Albone:

where can i buy your cd i have the first one and number 2 but dont have any more.
can we have some more picture of u as i have seen all them now cant wait 4 them rachel albone rose west xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Received 3rd September 2009 from SINGIN SUE:

love the tracks on here. they really show your wonderful voice great

Received 19th August 2009 from Craig Burton:

hi neil good to see your doing well
we av followed u4ia since wintergardens at gt yarmouth you and mark were brilliant
avnt been to yarmouth in recent years but would be good to see you perform again. take care

Received 11th August 2009 from Rachel Albone:

i came to see u when u were u4ea i thought u were realy great i was with jimmmy at the time then moved to bury st edmunes now havnt seen u 4 a long time rachel like u xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Received 26th June 2009 from Sam:

hi neil i have been going to summerfields holiday park since i was 4 and am now 21, dont no how old i was when u first started performing there but i have seen you there near enough every year since! i am hoping you will be performing in september when i go! xx

Received 21st June 2009 from Catherine Radford:

Hi neil, it was really great to see you on wednesday and thanks once again for signing me Chess Programme. Hope that you are keeping well. Loved the pictures they were really good. Take care love Catherine

Received 18th June 2009 from Irene:

hi-we went to yarmouth for a mini break an saw you at brittania pier on 5/6 it was good to see you again an hear those strong chords-even my hubby was impressed how your voice seems to have got stronger-absolutely brill hope to make it up there again later on in the year

Received 6th June 2009 from Beanie:

Babe im so proud of you!
Your role in Chess was outstanding and you should follow your dream and do more. The standing ovations you got say it all and everyone who went to see it said how good you were.
Im proud to be by your side and love you so

Received 27th May 2009 from Sally, Lowestoft:

Just had the absolute pleasure of seeing you perform in 'Chess'.Wow what a voice-you sing, you act & you look fab. See you again soon, Sally xxx

Received 26th May 2009 from Dave:

Great to work with you again in CHESS.
Anthem was, as ever, awesome!

Received 26th May 2009 from BUTTONS:


Received 22nd May 2009 from Pat:

Saw Chess on Tuesday. FANTASTIC!
Well done Neil

Received 31st March 2009 from Lesley:

Any sign of a new CD yet? I've just recently had some scans and guess what I asked them to put on your CD 'A Different Corner'. It helped keep my spirits up.
Look forward to seeing you when I am on holiday later in the year. Love Lesley xx

Received 20th March 2009 from Lynda Hampton:

Thanks for a wonderful Sunday afternoon.
My customers are looking forward to having you back. You really have an incredible voice.
The Fox

Received 28th Feb 2009 from Amy:

hello there neil have just looked thru ur page its brill!
i havent seen you for years and you still sound brill! x

Received 25th Feb 2009 from David (Pa) and Helen :

Hi ya long time since we have all been together. I hope all is well with you and work keeps coming in. We must all meet up sometime and we must hear that voice soon. love to all Pa & Helen xxx

Received 21st Feb 2009 from Joy:

Hiya Neil
Cant believe how much time passed since your dads party, know i am crap at keeping in touch, but hope you are ok, thanks for cd, really enjoyed it, website is great, fab news about musical, take care luv ya loads
ps hope the vodka supplies havnt dried up xxxxx

Received 19th Feb 2009 from Neil Rowbottom:

Hi there bro... nothing like some self promotion.
Very swish website. Did David do it?
Wishing you all the best and see you soon.

Received 14th Feb 2009 from Lorraine Bailey:

Hi Neil. Still as yummy as you were all those years ago. I'm Terry's sister in law. (nr Cambridge) XXXX

Received 7th Feb 2009 from Colleen:

cant wait till the seabreeze club opens so i can come and see you i think your just great xx

Received 25th Jan 2009 from Calum:

Just to let you know, I bought you're album "Euphoria - Past and Present" when I was younger after a live performance at the club in Sunfield holiday home park. (must have been about 10 years ago now!) I can honestly say, it will stay with me forever, I was always listening to your songs. Most of them were better than the originals! Thanks so much for creating that album, and good luck in the future :)

Received 23rd Jan 2009 from Jenny Newman:

Hi Neil, Great Website, it's nice to hear your voice again. Brings back great memories. All the best for 2009. You'll always be a star to me. Lots of Love, Jen xxx

Received 19th Jan 2009 from Zoe:

I thought that the new years party was a good laugh. and all the dressing up was fun and by the way i loved ya outfit lmao

xx Zoe xx

Received 15th Jan 2009 from Angela:

heya hope you remember me, ma mum and dad other wise known as lisa and andy!!! havent seen u in ages but should be coming with dad 2 the 1 at north walsham!!! ive gone up to high school now went up last year!!! hope u had good xmas!!
cya hope your well!!

Received 5th Jan 2009 from Beanie:

Hi Babes
I would like to wish you all the luck for 2009. Be positive and remember that you have a lot of people out there that love you and your voice.
I will be behind you to support you throughout, along with all our great friends.
I love you always Beanie xxxx

Received 2nd Jan 2009 from Sty:

Hi Neil.
It was great to see you and hear you play on Christmas eve.
Hope you have a great 2009!
Lots of Love
Sty xx

Received 1st Jan 2009 from Postman Pat:

Hi Neil,
just like to say I really like the new look of your website and to wish you a Happy New Year

Received 19th Dec 2008 from Wayne Newson:

merry xmas hope to see you in the new year wayne linda & boys

Received 19th Dec 2008 from Linda and Wayne:

hi neil wishing you a Merry Xmas and hope to see you in the Seabreeze next year, take care best wishes Linda Wayne & boys xx

Received 14th Dec 2008 from Zoe
(jeanette daughter) :

Hi Neil you ok?
Cant wait to hear you sing at mandys new years party..x
xx Zoe xx

Received 20th Nov 2008 from Jade:

Hant seen u for a while. your a good singer cant wait to see you soon luv ya x Jade x

Received 19th Nov 2008 from Emma:

hi neil your a superstar luv em xxxxxxx

Received 8th Nov 2008 from Ian Gedge:

Hi Neil,
It seems ages since we were going to see you at the Seabreeze during the summer.
Looking forward to seeing you at the Wrestlers in November,
See you soon.

Received 8th Nov 2008 from Chris Watson:

Wishing you all the best luck in the world in your new venture as a solo artist. My son and I enjoyed your many performances as part of Euphoria when you appeared at Summerfields in Scratby a few years ago. Hope everything turns out well for you. Good Luck.

Received 10th Oct 2008 from David & Helen Hales:

We hope you had a good summer, and you are well. Love to all hope to see you soon

Received 6th Oct 2008 from Debbie Beattie:

hi neil its debbie from the anson arms
how are you mate

Received 3rd Oct 2008 from Wayne:

Hi neil hope you keep flying. out standing
love wayne linda family

Received 2nd Oct 2008 from Joshua:

Hey Neil,
Just wanted to drop some love here. Can u message me with any updates?? I love ur music and looking good!

Received 1st Oct 2008 from Sharleen:

hi neil thanks for some great nites out wen i came to c u xxxxxxxxxxxxx sharleen

Received 1st Oct 2008 from Nicola:

hi neil dnt no if you remember me bt i think ur a fab singer hope ur ok love nicola x

Received 25th Sep 2008 from Zoe:

hello neil
how are you?
x Zoe x

Received 21st Sep 2008 from Steven Brown:

Thank you for accepting the booking on the 28th November for Ashleigh. We all love your solo cd Neil. See you soon at Seabreeze!

Received 15th Sep 2008 from Col & Luke

We had the pleasure of seeing and hearing you perform at the Kings Wine Bar at Gt Yarmouth on Sunday 14th Sept. It was the last night of our holiday and it finished it off just nicely. We were the couple propping up the bar at the side behind Chris, who was doing all the dancing much to your Thanks for a great show and we hope to see your show again next time we are up Yarmouth way! xx

Received 14th Sep 2008 from Stu & Julie :

where u playing next and we come and c u

Received 7th Sep 2008 from Richard Barton:

Hi Neil just been to see you at poachers pocket and would like to say we all had really good time hope to hear from you soon almost kiwi Dick

Received 3rd Sep 2008 from Sid (Postman Pat) & Debs:

Really like your first solo CD, nice mixture of music. Any chance of recording Strange Behaviour and including it on a future CD as we think it's brilliant?

Received 27th Aug 2008 from Colin York:

Hello Neil,
I am Lorraine's Dad.
We came to see you at Caister last Monday, what a superb artist you are.
I first saw you perform a couple of years ago at Lorraine's party and you were fantastic then.
For a couple of old fogies my wife, Brenda, and I think that you bridge the generation gap with your performances, plus the fact that you are a truly nice chap, these combined take you into a special category of artist.
When you told us you had been rejected for X factor we were amazed. You deserve to go right to the top.
We are looking forward to seeing you perform again the next time we visit Lorraine & Kevin.
Incidentally, whilst writing this I am listening to your CD, A Different Corner, It's very good.
Very Best Wishes
Colin York

Received 9th Aug 2008 from Sharon, Nanny, Dani and Charlie:

Hello there :) Haven't seen you in a long time. Was shocked to hear you've becme a soloist. Hopefully will see you soon though, Love From all xxxx
Sharon,Nanny, Dani and Charlie, Norwich :)

Received 8th Aug 2008 from Paul & Nikki:

hi neil we both hope your ok. we would love to see you and hear you sing again. keep up what you do best. love nikki & paul lowestoft xxxx

Received 19th July 2008 from Jade:

hiy neil i would just like to say you are the best singer ever and i cant wait to hear you sing again soon!!!!!!.
love Jade xxxxx

Received 24th June 2008 from Jade:

hiya neil your the best ever from jade

Received 21st June 2008 from Lisa Manson:

Neil, looking forward to seeing you regularly now I live in Yarmouth.
Can't wait to see you on wednesday to hear your brilliant singing. See you then, lots of love Lisa. xx

Received 20th June 2008 from Jean:

hi Neil, saw you at the sea Breeze club on Wednesday 11th june. As usual you were brilliant, enjoyed your new cd.
I am moving down to Hemsby to live next year so will be able to come and see all your gigs xxx

Received 20th June 2008 from Charlotte:

anute neil
you ok
hope so
bye bye
say hi to ian and david and ian

Received 3rd June 2008 from Tasha:

ur da best!! i watched you both times u were in hemsby!! ur a star!!! send me an email bk plz xxx

Received 3rd June 2008 from Benny:

hiya love
love the new cd
always a good night when we come to see you

Received 27th May 2008 from Pa & Helen:

Hiya love the voice of Great Yarmouth. Great to see you must meet up again and have meal. Good luck for the summer season

Received 22nd May 2008 from Pa & Helen:

Hi ya love hope to see you Sunday

Received 1st May 2008 from Lesley:

Hi Neil, I look forward to seeing you in June 2008. And I hope that I can get your new CD when I see you when I am on holiday.
Love Lesley xx
P.S. Keep it up at the gym... not that you really need to go!!! You look great!!

Received 30th April 2008 from Lynn, Jackie and Karen:

Lynn, Jackie and Karen would like to thank you for a great night on Friday 25th, We are friends of Mark and Chris. We saw you at the seabreeze club and thought you were fantastic, we would have liked to talk to you but were too shy, maybe next time. Thanks again we really enjoyed it. Look forward to seeing you again soon x x x

Received 27th April 2008 from Dale:

Hi Neil
Good to see you last night,
Hope to see you again soon.

Received 21st Mar ch 2008 from Vicki:

Hi Neil, just dropped by to wish you all the best on your solo stuff! Sorry to hear Mark is busy elsewhere, but it was great to work with you guys back in 2002 at Scratby! Loads of love xxxxx

check out what i'm doing now...

Received 24th Feb 2008 from Sandy & David:

hi neil
it`s sandy and david here just to say we love u to bits and enjoy all your gigs
we always feel guilty when we can not make it
love u hope to see u soon xxxx

Received 11th Jan 2008 from Sue:

Neil! Used to adore u at Kings as a minor-dyke in 2003! Still watching out 4u, gutted at the peach leaving but thanks for all the memories and I will find you soon to remind you who I am!!
You're still gorjus!
Biggest hugs for now! xxx

Received 10th Jan 2008 from Matt:

Sorry to hear that the guys have had to call it a day with regards to working as a band, I have to say that during our visit to the area on holiday last year in July, the U4IA performance at the Barking Smack in Great Yarmouth was one of the highlights of the holiday and was enjoyed by all.
Here's wishing Neil all the success with his solo stuff and hope to get the opportunity to see him in Great Yarmouth this year during the holiday season. Hopefully there may be as you say, some memorable reunion gigs now and then as those would be worth looking forward to.
Here's to 2008!
Cheers, Matt

Received 25th Dec 2007 from Lou:


Received 4th Nov 2007 from Tracy:

Lovely to see you singing again last friday in the florida club. We think you are a brilliant singer and cant wait to see you again hopefully in cambridge.
love Tracy from Cambridge

Received 23rd October 2007 from Lou:

hey my lovely! haven't got to see you much now a days, hope your missing us as much as we are missing you! and where are my singing lessons
ha ha! love ya hun xxx

Received 15th October 2007 from Nathan:

Hey! Lovin the new site!! Shame didn't get to see you at Summerfields Holiday Village this year. Glad to see your doing well for yourself!!

Received 6th October 2007 from Beanie:

Hi Babes
Just to say i am so proud of you and your fantastic voice. I wish you every success in going Solo. Remember i am behind you every step of the way.
I love you Babes and always will Forever
Love Beanie xxxx

Received 18th September 2007 from Harry & The Wench:

Hi Neil We really enjoyed your gig a couple of weeks ago in the Barking Smack.
We're the couple who came up from Romford to see you, we'll be at the Sea Breeze to see you on the 26th September
please would you be kind enough to bring your latest C.Ds we spoke about. (if you can remember us that is)
Cheers Mate

Received 16th September 2007 from Jackie @ Dan:

hi neil long time no see
would love to come see you soon send me a reply please with your number as i have lost it
missed you loads luv you loads hope to hear from you real soon
jackie @ Dan xxx

Received 12th September 2007 from Mum & Dad:

Hi there!
See you next week-end, bringing a new fan with us and hands off Harry her lovely Husband!!
We will be needing your autograph for yet another fan!!!
Love you lots and thanks for being so patient!!!!
xxxx mum & dad

Received 5th September 2007 from Lou:

Hiya Neil only me!! i dont need 2 say anything coz you know how much we love ya!! xxxxxxxxx
x Lou x

Received 22nd August 2007 from Sty:

Keep up the good work Neil! I love what you're doing, especially all the great new material. See you very soon.
Sty xx

Received 21st August 2007 from Day:

Wishing you all the luck and good fortune that you deserve.
Although I'm biased I think you have bucket-loads of talent and your solo venture will be extremely rewarding I'm sure!
Loads of love from your best friend & webmaster...
Day xx